Manufacturing & sales

Manufacturing Area

We, SPONPIA Co.,LTD., are specialized for OEM and ODM make up sponge company. we have a lot of experience to
supply many type of OEM and ODM products to world wide our customers. Therefore, Any Shape, Any color,
type of packages available.

OEM Products
(Original Equipment Manufacturing)

If customers request to manufacture their own brand,
own designed products and spectific packaging,
we can manufacture and supply to customer’s exclusive

ODM Products
(Original Design

Customer can purchase products our design team and
R&D team have designed and developed without any
additional charge.products as the contracted contents.

Manufacturing Division

NBR Sponge
NR, SBR Sponge
Flocked Foam Puff
Cotton, Velour Puff
Cellulose & PVA Sponges
NBR Tips, NBR Applicators

Sales Business Area

We, SPONPIA Co.,LTD., have supplied our products to Cosmetics Company, Cosmetic Accessory Company,
Cosmetic Distributors and Cosmetic Packaging company in th world more than 15 years.

Sales Area

We Supply our products to more than 70 clients in the world.

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